The Best Lawn

The Best Lawn

The best lawn starts with simple steps in late winter early spring. Have you noticed that there is sticks, leaves and debris still on your lawn from the Fall? Get your blower out and clean all loose debris!


A long cold winter has effective your lawn in many ways. The lawn may be matted down. The best method is to bring out a thatch rack. A thatch great will remove excess dead grass and thatch.


In early spring you can get to pruning. Dormant pruning improves your trees health and removers any overgrown limbs. Not only will it make your lawn and property more healthy and attractive.

Always Edge

Edging will prevent your grass from growing into your beds, and keep them both looking neater. Clean edging will give your landscape a sharp and well-manicured look.

Refresh Your Mulching

Mulching improves plant health by helping to control moisture absorption by the plants and by preventing weeds. Mulch helps moisture control by absorbing water from heavy rains and releasing it over time. Mulch prevents weeds from growing by keeping them covered and weighted down. Before you apply new mulch, be sure to remove the old.  And it’s a good idea to wait for your plants to sprout up, that way you know where they are and don’t cover them and prevent them from growing.

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Apply Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizing gives your grass nutrients to grow strong and healthy. You should fertilize shortly after or before a light rain if you can.

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Organic Pre emergent

Pre-emergent prevents weeds, but be careful, it works by stopping all seeds from developing, which includes grass seed.

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