Organic Lawn Care

organic lawn care

Organic lawn care allows you to have a healthy lush lawn! This can be achieved without the need for synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. By eliminating chemical based fertilizers and risky pesticide use, your yard can be greener and thicker. This will make it more stable throughout climate changes without sacrificing its health. With our lawn care and weed control program, your lawn and landscape will thrive naturally. JD Organic Landscape solutions are environmentally sustainable and safe for children and pets.

Organic lawn care transition starts with the soil. We focus on healthy soil that provides macro and micro nutrients to grass, trees, and ornamental shrubs. Unhealthy soil lacks the proper nutrients to sustain a healthy landscape.

After a complete season with JD Organic Landscape, your lawn will be transitioned away from synthetic fertilizers. This is the process of healthy soil building. Over time, our organic fertilizer changes the chemistry of the soil. It builds a layered system of available nutrients that promote deep root growth and require less water. In most cases, our lawns show great improvement after just a few treatments.

Switching to an organic lawn care program will help the environment tremendously. This will help reduce air pollution and water contamination. Synthetic fertilizers are absorbed into rainwater and end up in local water sources. Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients that safely promote sustainable soil and plant health which improves over time.

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