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Mulch Installation

Benefits of Mulch Installation

  • Healthy for plants and shrubs
  • Control weeds
  • Control Pest
  • Curb Appeal
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Establishes Character

Mulch installation Is the most versatile elements of your landscape. It brings out the most of your landscape. It is a natural weed barrier, it also allows plants to retain moisture content making increasing the health of your landscape. You have options of black mulch, cedar mulch, hemlock mulch, brown mulch, and organic root mulch!

Decorative Rock vs Mulch Installation

Decorative rock brings out the color of your shrubs, flowers, while giving you a maintenance free landscape. Normally installing decorative stone once will be sufficient for many years unlike mulch that needs to be installed every year! Every rock install we prepare the beds with using a landscaping fabric.

When thinking to install decorative rock or mulch know what the longterm goal of your landscaping is. Check out your local supply yard to see if making your decision is difficult.

Landscaping Edging

Make your landscape look manicured and finished by adding landscaping edging. This will also help with the amount of weed whacking required weekly and will also hold the rock or mulch in the bed.

Plastic edging, natural rock, small boulders, metal edging. Check out a local supplier if you can not make a decision or have JD Organic Landscape bring you samples!

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