Sod Installation & Seeding

  • JD Organic Landscape is a Sod Installation Professionals in Scotch Plains NJ and surrounding areas for residential customers.
  • Your lawn takes up majority of the visual space within a landscape and outdoor space. The overall health of your lawn will set the tone for your curb appeal. Sod provides the quickest solution to have the greenest lawn and thickest lawn on your block! Regardless of the size of your project no job is to big or to small for us! JD Organic Landscape in Scotch Plains NJ has a professional sod installation crew ready to tackle your project.

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Benefits of Sod Installation

  • Instant Satisfaction
  • Sod roots quicker then seed
  • It can be installed throughout the growing season
  • Installing sod will out compete weeds
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduce the use of herbicide

Site Prep For Sod Installation

  • Lawn and Landscape work – clear out existing grass debris and haul away, clearing away any big rock
  • Grading – Pitch/slope yard
  • Top Soil – Add screened quality compost to the final grade

Why Seed Your Lawn?

It takes takes about two to four weeks for the seeds to properly germinate.

  • You can get the same results as sod with more maintenance required
  • Cost effective in the short term
  • Results in a great lawn

What goes into seeding a lawn?

It is actually the same process besides the end results. We still need to remove, haul away debris and level & grade the yard. Once we have the final grade to the point we will use a walk behind seed spreader. We do this to evenly seed your yard. Once that is done we will use hay or straw to cover the yard. Hay speeds up germination by keeping the seed warm. We will also avoid birds from eating it!

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Sod Installation

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