Are You Ready For Spring Lawn Care

Are you ready for spring lawn care

Spring is here! It is time to get outside and clean up your yard! How are you going to get ready for the spring. 

The first thing to tackle this Spring Season is your yard! You may have cleaned up your yard in the Fall but fallen branches, wind blowing leaves from your neighbors yard to yours, and other debris may have got onto your lawn. Blow that off and begin to prep your lawn for success. 

Are you ready for spring lawn care

Your lawn has been dormant all winter long! It is now time to wake it up. How should that be done? Dethatching your lawn will remove a thatch layer between your soil and grass blades that will not allow pre emergent and fertilizer to penetrate and get into the soil. By doing this will allow new growth and promote a thicker healthier lawn.

Get down your organic pre emergent! To prevent weed growth you have a short window. Just because you do not see them does not mean the broadleaf weeds are not germinating. JD Organic Landscape recommeneds two application 5-6 weeks apart of organic pre emergent to eliminate weed germination.

When Spring gets going we understand that proper mowing may not take place. Rapid growth happens and cutting 1/3 of the grass blade per mow may not happen. In this event be sure to never take more then half of the grass blade in one mowing season. At the rate will stress the lawn and have many disease/ fungus issues occur.

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