Get A Soil Test For Your Lawn!

get a soil test for your lawn

Get a soil test for your lawn!

Test your soil prior to putting down soil amendments. Proper pH levels will allow a lawn to thrive. There are many things to look for on a soil test! Make sure your organic matter levels are above 6%. Look at the macro nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Take a look at the micro nutrients Calcium and Magnesium to name a few. Taking these steps will start the process on having a lush green and safe lawn.

Based off the soil test results will allow JD Organic Landscape to apply the proper organic products treating your soil correctly. With out a soil test you are blindly adding products that may cause a negative effect or not help your soil at all! Do not waste money on improper products being applied.

Be careful who give you information on what needs to be applied!

False information that says you need to fertilize a certain amount every year is not always true. Please be careful on who is giving you information. You need to see if nitrogen the element in fertilizer is needed to be applied. If your lawn needs fertilizer add a slow release organic fertilizer. It is extremely important to read the bag you apply to your lawn. See what the rate per 1,000 square feet is needed for your lawn. Using too much fertilizer can harm your lawn and cost you more than you planned. Using too little fertilizer won’t bring the results anticipated.

Organic lawn care is based of the understanding of the soil. Once we give the proper organic applications to the soil your lawn will begin to thrive and need less applications in the future.

Get a soil test for your lawn! JD Organic Landscape wants to help you achieve a safe, healthy green lawn!

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