Thatch Your Lawn This Spring

Thatch your lawn this spring

Thatch your lawn this spring!

Thatch is a thick layer between your soil and grass roots. It will prevent water penetration, air and moisture. All is need to grow a thick, lush healthy lawn. What can be done this Spring? If there is a thatch problem JD Organic Landscape uses a power rake to remove heavy thick thatch layers.

Does all thatch need to be removed?

No, thatch actually has organic matter. This organic matter is broken down by microbes in the soil. Is there active microbes in your soil? If your lawn is be treated by harmful toxic chemicals most likely means all your soil microbes are dead. Chemicals kill soil biology. If your lawn is be treated organically than you have soil microbes that will break down a certain percentage of thatch.

Eliminate your thatch problem this Spring after your clean up your yard with a spring clean up. This all needs be done before applying any products to your lawn when warmer temps come. Remember that your lawn is a process. Taking the correct steps at the right times will bring the results you desire.

Thatch your lawn this Spring and see a thick healthy lawn.

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