Lawn Maintenance! Get The Lawn You Want!

Lawn Maintenance, The Time For A Successful Lawn Starts Now!

Lawn Maintenance

Avoid Harmful Synthetic Fertilizer

What are the concerns of lawn care maintenance? Pesticides being put down on your lawn by your lawn care company or products you get from a local supplier like home depot are toxic!

Harmful synthetic fertilizer and pesticides are not safe for your children, pets and are harmful to your environment!

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What should you apply?

So what is the answer? 100% Organic based fertilization and weed control program by JD Organic Landscape is safe for your kids and pets. We want to not only provide the best service to you, we want to provide the safest way possible!

Always check the invoice left at the time of the application for information on what was applied to the lawn.

Some companies will claim to be applying organic products but do not apply 100% organic. They will use a portion of organic and the rest synthetic.

Not only does this defeat the purpose and cause more damage then good to your soil and lawn. It is still very dangerous to be on the lawn when applied this way!

What lawn maintenance steps do you need to take this spring for a successful lawn?

You need to understand that how you tackle your lawn this year may not have the results you want to achieve right away.

A lawn that has been neglected for years takes time and proper lawn care practices to get it to where you want it.

However if you start this year to do all the right things your lawn should get there in only a short matter of time.

So, what do you need to do?

  • Aeration/ Thatching
  • Organic Fertilization program – Based On Soil Test!
  • Proper lawn mowing practices – Do not cut your grass blades by more than 1/3 per mowing
  • Proper irrigation. Make sure your lawn gets no less than a inch of water a week. Water deeply and infrequently.

Thats it! If you follow a program and perform the optimal lawn care practices your lawn will quickly get to the lawn you desire!

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