What You Need To Do This Spring!

What you need to do this spring!

What you need to do this spring!

When it comes to spring lawn care you have a short window to get things done! For starters, you must start with a Spring clean up. Do you have any debris, sticks, & leaves on your lawn or in your mulch beds? If you did not have a great Fall clean up you may want to spend some time clearing your lawn.

The next step would be thatching your lawn! Have you ever thatched your lawn? What is thatch? Thatch is a layer of dead and living grass shoots, stems and roots that shows up between the soil and the grass blades in your lawn. For your lawn to properly thrive this spring you must thatch your lawn to allow new growth. Otherwise the thick thatch layer will choke out and prevent new growth from occurring!

What you need to do this spring!

Next you will want apply organic pre emergent! Before you apply any products to your lawn take a soil test. A soil test will tell you the macro, and micro nutrients and show the levels in the soil. Based on the soil test you may need to add lime or sulfur. The test will also let you see if you need to add compost to bring up the organic matter in the soil. Taking a soil test is critical! Without a soil test you are treating your lawn blindly hoping for the best.

Finally if you have any overgrowth on your shrub you may want to lightly trim them. Be careful make sure new growth has not begin yet! The best time to trim shrub is always as we head into the dormant season or if they are dormant.

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