Shrub Trimming

Why Trim your Shrubs?

Shrub trimming / pruning to a plant needs to be done every year. The overall health will be impacted if proper care is not done. You are aiming to have the perfect form of the plant so it must be done strategically.

  • Crossed branches will rub against each other so this is always a good place to start cutting back. 
  • Diseased or dead parts of plants will be obvious too, and once you cut out these sick parts of a plant, get the bits out of the garden completely and clean your pruners so they don’t spread disease.
  • Things can get crowded inside a shrub so prune out dense interiors by carefully removing no more than one third of the branches inside the plant. That means taking out no more than one third of the actual branches not shearing off the exterior of the plant by one third. The latter will end up ruining the shrub. 

Increase your Landscape By Shrub Trimming

  • Appearance
  • Disease/ Pest issues
  • Safety hazards

When Do You Perform This?

Yes it does depend on what it is you want to cut back.

A good rule of thumb is:

  1. Prune bushes and shrubs that bloom in the spring right after they bloom.
  2. Prune summer or fall-blooming bushes and shrubs in the early spring, after new growth has set but before bloom or buds start to form.

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