Organic Lawn Care Starts With Your Soil

Organic Lawn Care Starts With Your Soil

I want to talk about the misconceptions about an organic approach.

The cost of organics is much more then harmful chemical fertilizers! No… well yes at first. If you approach your lawn as an investment rather then short term results organic lawn care is much less. For example the cost of organic lawn care may seem high at first, it will decease drastically over time. By proper lawn care practices and and feeding the soil the correct organic soil amendments. This will result in less treatments year after year. With synthetic fertilizer the cost actually increases over time. This is because the higher quantities of fertilizer is needed.

organic lawn care starts with the soil

How often do you think about feeding you soil biology?

Unfortunately the public has been sold misinformation year after year. A healthy lawn now seems not be so healthy. Chemicals being poured on for every problem that appears. Instead of looking at the problem and asking why. When you ask why something is appearing and treat the soil to the lacking element your problem goes away.

Having a lush green lawn does not mean you get there by chemicals!

Organic Lawn Care Starts With Your Soil

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