Is Your Lawn Really Safe?

Is Your Lawn Really Safe?

Toxic Pesticides / Harmful Chemical Fertilizers 

  • Harmful to your family and environment
  • Linked to various cancers
  • Chemicals kill the biology in the soil!
  • Know ingredients 2, 4-D an active ingredient in WWII agent orange
  • Glyphosate main ingredient in Roundup is linked to many cancers
  • You need the same amount of treatments every year 
Is Your Lawn Really Safe

Is your lawn really safe?

Safe Organic Fertilizer

  • Safe for your family and environment
  • Promote healthy soil and a lush green lawn
  • Overtime you do not need many treatments a year 
  • We take soil tests to appy the appropriate soil amedments to your soil!
Is your lawn really safe

A true organic program does not overlook these factors. Please ask your provider what is actually being put down on your lawn and why for the saftey of your kids & pets. 

Services we offer:

  • Organic Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Spring Clean up/ Fall Clean up
  • Dethatching / Aeration
  • Mulch / Shrub Trimming

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1. Why is organic lawn care better?

Conventional lawn chemicals can pollute our water and harm wildlife. There a numerous health effects on people and pets. Using pesticides for weeds and pests can actually damage your lawn. Chemicals kill good organisms in the soil that help produce the nutrients needed to grow a healthy lawn! Weak grass, increases thatch, and encourages diseases.

2. Should I have my soil tested?

Yes. Testing the soil is the important first step in lawn care, and we never want to treat your lawn without the proper information!

3. Why is healthy soil so important? 

Healthy soil contains high organic matter and is teeming with biological life. It supports the development of healthy grass and that is naturally resistant to weeds and pests. In a healthy, fertile and well-maintained lawn, diseases and pest problems are rare.

4. What is the best time to start planning my organic lawn?

Right now! A healthy lawn has healthy soil and is mowed, watered, and fertilized properly and at the right time. 

5. Will my lawn have weeds? 

Tolerating a few weeds in your lawn is part of organic land care.  Plants that are considered “weeds” such as clover are actually beneficial.  They add valuable nutrients to help sustain a healthy lawn. A general rule, if you have less than 10% weeds in your lawn, you don’t have a weed problem!

7. Is organic lawn care expensive?

If your lawn is currently chemically dependent, initially it may be more expensive to restore it. But in the long term, an organic lawn will actually cost you less money. Once established, an organic lawn uses less water and fertilizers, and requires less labor for mowing and maintenance.

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