Early Spring lawn care Prep

early spring effects your lawn in the summer

Early Spring Lawn Care Prep

Watering is crucial. But how do you water? You do not want shallow watering. Shallow watering results in a shallow root system. Do not set your irrigation to 5-10 minutes a zone everyday. Allow your roots to grow deep by watering once – two times a week. These watering sessions should be 35-45 minutes.

Early Spring Lawn Care Prep

Thatch in your lawn? Lawns that have a heavy thatch layer need to be thatched in early spring. Ideally you want to thatch two weeks before your first mowing. Excessive thatch will keep your lawn thin and not allow proper nutrients to get into the soil. Example Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Should you seed in early Spring?
It is not recommended to seed in early Spring. Why? If you want to control weeds this season you need to put a pre emergent down. When you apply this pre emergent it will not allow germination of weed seeds or grass seed. If your lawn is extremely thin then I would over seed and not apply a pre emergent. This is a judgement call on how your lawn is looking.

Below is some information on lawn care. JD Organic Landscape hopes your lawn has great success this Spring season!

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