Early Spring Lawn Tips, Take Action!

Early spring lawn tips

Early Spring Lawn Tips

Winter is finally coming to an end! It is the time to prepare for the Spring. In this post I want to inform you on what you need to do to prepare your lawn to have a great Spring season!

The first thing you would want to do is put down a organic pre emergent. This is a weed control to prevent weed seeds from germinating before the appear in your lawn. There is two different types of weed control applications. Pre and Post emergent. Pre emergent needs to be down prior to warmer tempartures. JD Organic Landscape wants you to put down two application 5-6 weeks apart of pre emergent.

Does your lawn have a thatch problem? Check your lawn if there is a thatch issues. Excess thatch will prevent new growth and will limit nutrients to enter the soil. This will result in your lawn getting thin and not looking healthy. You can remove thatch be using a power rake.

If there is any debris left over from your Fall clean ups? Clean up all acorns, leaves, and sticks to prevent disease issues going into this Spring season!

Early Spring Lawn Tips

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