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Organic Lawn Care Benefits!

What steps do you take to set your lawn up for success?

Applying a bag of fertilizer blindly that you got from your local supplier does not set your lawn up for success.

Get a soil test. A soil test is going to tell you what your lawn is lacking. Treat accordingly to the soil test.

Apply Pre emergent in early spring. The only way to control weed seed germination is to apply a pre emergent. When you apply this it will eliminate weed growth and any new seed growth.

Organic fertilizing. Based on the soil test the right soil amendments need to be added to the soil. This will bring up the lacking nutrients and promote the healthy growth.

  • Here are some helpful lawn care tips:
  • Improves the growth of roots. Organic lawn care products slowly release nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous into the soil.
  • Enhances the health of the soil. Organic treatments have the ability to retain moisture for a longer period.
  • No Toxic Residue. 100% safe for your pets, kids, and environment.
  • Safe for the soil and its organisms. Organic products are not harmful to the microbes and organisms in the soil.
  •  Organic lawn treatment has no chemicals that can cause any harmful reactions. So, it is safe for the person who applies it and for people and pets that use the lawn.
  • No overfeeding. When using organic fertilizers, there is no danger for the grass to be overfed with nutrients.

Solving your lawn problems is a direct result to the soil structure. When you feed the soil you will achieve the lawn you seek out.

Here is some additional info:

Additional info:

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