Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn care

During the winter you may have debris/ junk in your yard that’s been sitting out all winter long. The Spring is the best time to clear away all debris.

Here is some additional information : https://www.lushlawn.com/blog/lawn-care/spring-lawn-care/

Remove leaves and debris.

Removing all the natural debris from the property. Leaves that were not cleaned up in Fall, twigs, fallen branches, and rocks from the yard. Leaves and other debris can smother your lawn and create lawn disease issues. Clearing them away allows the grass to breathe so it can grow thick and lush.

Clean up flower and garden beds.

  • Remove leaves, debris, dead weeds and plants from your flower beds.
  • Not only will this make the flower beds look healthier and cleaner, but it will also give your living plants more room to thrive. 
  • Loosen the soil around your plants to allow air, water, and nutrients to be absorbed more easily.

Shrub Trimming

Be careful when trimming your trees and shrubs. Certain trees and shrubs do better if they are pruned at specific times of the year.

Thatch your Lawn

Thatch and Compaction can ruin your lawn! Does your lawn seem not to grow even when a fertilizer is being applied? This may be because of either thick thatch or compacted soil.

Here is some additional information : https://jdorganiclandscape.com/2019/03/15/aerate-your-lawn/

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