Great Looking Lawn!

Great looking lawn starts with the choices you make in the Fall!

great looking lawn

A great looking lawn will get accomplished with core aeration and overseeding. This is a vital process in your lawn care program!

  • Core aeration pulls plugs of soil and thatch and leaves them on the ground
  • Cores on the ground leaves the holes open which will result in higher germination when you over seed.
  • Another advantage is the micro organisms in the soil will melt down into the thatch
  • Core aeration opens up more air and water penetration!
  • Develop strong root system for your lawn

Keep up with your watering for 2-3 weeks every other day to make sure there is enough moisture available to have your seed grow!

Here is a link of an article of the benefit or aeration:

JD Organic Landscape wants you to achieve the lawn of your dreams. To achieve this core aerating your lawn is a crucial step to your lawns success. Do not over seed your lawn without aerating. Over seeding without aerating will offer a low germination rate. Seed to soil contact is has the greatest chance of success!

We understand that aerating your lawn is not as easy as pulling your lawn mower out of your garage. We offer professional lawn care service and with a lawn evaluation we will let you know if your lawn actually needs to be aerated.

This service is best done in the Fall. In the spring you will want to be applying your ORGANIC pre emergent prior to temperatures getting to 55 degrees. Seeding at this time without a pre emergent down on your lawn will open your up your risk to an invasion of broadleaf weed problems.

If you are eager to have a lush green lawn we advise you to wait until the Fall to aerate but start the process of an organic fertilization and weed control program in early Spring!

Here is a link to a post of why an organic lawn care program is beneficial:

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