Spring Lawn Care Tips. What You Need To Do

Time Is Now

Spring Lawn Care!

Tackle your lawn this spring season. Take action and have the best looking lawn on the block!

What is the best option to treat your lawn? Organic lawn is 100% the safest lawn option. Chemical fertilizer treats the lawns symptoms not treating the actual problem. Organic fertilizer will feed the soil. Feeding the soil will start the process of adding nutrients that your soil is lacking.

Chemical fertilizer treats the problem which results in any applications a year.

Organics will treat the problem and eliminate the need for many applications after you achieve the proper soil structure.

Spring Clean up!

Yes Fall was when leaves were all over the place but now is the time to really do one last clean up of all debris that is on your lawn and mulch beds.

Make sure it is nice and clean to allow any matted down grass to start feel the sun!


Your lawn has went through a ton of stress during the winter season. By thatching the lawn will eliminate the thatch layer which will prevent the green color you are desiring. This is the most important service to do it with Pre emergent. Removing excess thatch and dead grass will allow grass to not get choked out.

Organic Pre Emergent

You have to put down a pre emergent early Spring to eliminate broadleaf weeds this summer! Get this done right away as waiting to warmer temperatures will significantly reduce the chance to eliminate your weed problem this year. Germination of weeds stars as temps increase above 55 degrees.

Here some additional information: https://jdorganiclandscape.com/2020/01/16/spring-lawn-care-2/

Here some additional information: http://www.better-lawn-care.com/Lawn-blog.html#axzz6BhjEXWCK

spring lawn care

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