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Organic lawn care treatments is the very best lawn care program. It is safe for your kids, pets and environment.  Have you ever consider organic lawn care treatments? Have you ever considered that the products go on your lawn actually matters.

Organic lawn care begins with the soil and what lives within it.

  A healthy soil should be filled with various bacteria, and fungi.  The soil itself should contain organic matter.

If your soil is out of balance, your lawn will be more susceptible to many issues. Disease, insects, weed infestation and more have a greater chance.

  Soil health must be the foundation of any sound lawn care program. Organic applications are simply the real deal in terms of improving the overall health of your lawn’s soil.

So how can we improve and then keep our soil healthy since it is the foundation of any lawn care program? 

Vital organic treatments would include compost tea, high calcium lime, topdressing, aeration, over seeding, and even fertilizer.  Compost tea adds microbes to soil. This will improve soil health.   

High calcium lime provides a fast pH change in the lawn but it is more potent than conventional limes.  High in calcium, this type of lime also assists in reducing compaction and it interacts with organic matter.

Bottom line, if you mow properly, irrigate correctly when needed, have the right grass types present for your location, and support a healthy soil through a prescribed lawn program, you will have a nice safe lawn

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