Winter Lawn Care, What Can You Do This Winter

Winter Lawn Care in December:

Winter Lawn Care

So what can you do this Winter?

  • Winter lawn care offers a couple options that can be done. You can prune any overgrowth in your landscape beds. Most shrubs and plants can be cut back. Be sure that when you are cutting back your plants that you cut deep enough to promote new growth. By doing so allows shrubs to grow larger the next year and years to come.
  • Sodding can be done anytime of year and winter is a great time. Kentucky Bluegrass sod can be placed while dormant. The roots will grow throughout the winter and get the sod rooted down to the
  • You can also put down organic pre-emergent in your landscape beds. This will eliminate new weed growth come next spring. However, it will not be eliminating any existing growth. Hand pull the existing weeds by the root for the best results. Organic pre emergent will not hurt any of your shrubs or plants but it will kill the weed seeds and any new grass seed.

The success of the lawn starts in the Winter and early Spring. Spring comes at your awn and landscape fast! The results you desire result on what actions are taking place in the Winter and early Spring! JD Organic Landscapes goal is provide you with the right information for you to be informed on what happens on your property and what the result can be if those actions are not taken.

I have included two different sources for more information. If any of this information was helpful please let us know!

Here is more information:

Here is more information:

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