Healthy Lawn, Prevent Damage!

Healthy Lawn

Healthy Lawn:

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to help maintain the quality and health of your lawn while decorating this holiday season.

Healthy Lawn, Prevent the following from any damage!

Lightweight Lawn Decorations

If your decorations are heavy they potentially can damage your lawn by crushing your grass and damaging it. Heavy decorations on tree branches, shrubs, or bushes, may distort their shape if left on for long periods of time.

Keep Lawn Lights on a Timer

Keeping your lights on a timer will reduce the need to walk on or around the lawn. Walking on your dormant lawn can stress the lawn.

Remove Fire Hazards from Your Lawn

Test to make sure your lights are in good working condition. Specifically, make sure that your light strings are not frayed or shorted out.

Remove Debris from You

Clean up any fallen debris (ex. down branches and fallen leaves) you do not want snow piling up on them.

Porch and Front Door Christmas Decorations

Another lawn-friendly decoration idea is decorating your front door, porch, or deck. decorative wreath or snowflake decals on your door, a giant candy cane or two on your porch, or mini Christmas trees flanking your doorway. You can also string lights and garland around your door to add a festive touch. These decorating suggestions are lawn-friendly as they completely avoid using your lawn at all.

Lawn Decorations to Avoid

  • Avoid outdoor statues
  • Avoid heavy decorative equipment (Ex. Electric reindeer) this can crush your lawn.
  • Avoid hanging heavy ornaments and other decorations from weak tree branches or bushes. The added weight can bend and permanently distort the shape of your landscaping.

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