Salt Damage To Your Lawn

How can salt effect your lawn? Salt can cause brown patching and begin to cause trouble growing new grass. Salt in the soil will not allow proper nutrients to absorb.

The Problem

Large quantities of salt in your lawn will eliminate new growth by stopping nutrients from absorbing causing the roots to die. When the salt is on top of the soil it starts to burn the grass blade. A serious problem to try to manage is to eliminate salt as fast as possible from your lawn. Allowing salt to absorb can limit new growth to your lawn for years.

Protect Your Lawn

Can a lawn survive a little bit of salt? Yes but you still need to take precautions. Salt gets on to your lawn can kill it almost immediately.

Combating Salt Damage

What can I do if Salt gets on my lawn? Water! Because the salt stays in the soil, new grass won’t be successful until you take steps to fix the soil. Water the area deeply, which means soaking it for several hours, as soon as you suspect salt damage. Continue watering every day for the next three to four days. This leaches the salt out of the soil, washing it down and away where it can no longer affect your lawn.


Remove the dead grass and use a steel rake to loosen the soil, then add a seed-starter fertilizer to the soil. Mixing it in well and watering the soil helps the fertilizer begin releasing nutrients. Plant the grass seed or lay the sod immediately on the damp ground, and water it well to help the seeds germinate or the sod’s roots connect with the soil.

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