Lawn Care Tips for a Better Spring

We understand in winter you are not worrying about your lawn care needs. However even though you spend minimum time thinking of your lawn maintenance you need to know the proper steps in the winter will provide you a great start in the Spring.

Winter Fertilizer

Late fall or early winter is one of the best times to fertilize cool season grasses.

Give your lawn a thorough fertilizing to replace all of the nutrients that can be lost from the soil during the hot summer months. The cold weather allows fertilizer to remain in the soil and feed your lawn’s roots all winter long.

The benefit on a winter application to your lawn will results in healthy lush green lawn come Spring time.


  • The last month of the summer you should star lowering your mowing height. Gradually bringing down your mowing height so by your last cut of the season will be the lowest. This strategy will not shock your lawn or produce any disease.
  • You do not want to leave your lawn tall. This can create dead spots.
  • Making sure your lawn is as short as possible will protect any new growth.

Lawn Traffic

  • Keep your sidewalks cleared of ice and snow
  • Never allow anyone to park a truck or a car on your lawn. Using the lawn as a parking lot is the fastest way to kill the good grass and make room for crabgrass and other types of weeds.

Preparation for the Fall

There really is not much lawn care that needs to be done during the cold months of winter. If you properly prepare the lawn during the fall, it will be fine until the warm days of spring arrive once more.

  • Make sure you aerate, fertilize, and mow the lawn before the first freeze of the season.
  • Rake away any dead leaves that may have fallen and collected on your yard to avoid wet spots that can become mossy or moldy.

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