How Is Your Soil Structure Helping Your Shrubs

Natural Soil

Natural soils thrive with life! Soils contain an incredible diversity of microscopic bacteria, fungi, viruses and other organisms. A single handful of soil can contain tens of thousands of different species.

Microbes work together to break down complex organic materials, including dead plants and animals. They often work in teams to complete biochemical processes, such as transforming nitrogen from an inert gas to plant-usable forms, and recycling it from dead plant materials back into dissolved forms.

Without a healthy microbial community, nutrients are no longer recycled, opportunistic pests can invade this is why homeowners will rely on chemicals to replace biological soil functions.

Without good soil biology, you’ll be more likely to need chemical pesticides! This is why the foundation of our Tree & Shrub Program is adding beneficial microbes and natural botanicals to enhance good soil biology. 

Why Not Use Chemical Tree Care Programs?

Chemical Programs will promote a quick release of nitrogen, which cause the plants to grow quickly.

Pushing a shrub to grown quickly results in few defenses against pest. It’s no wonder that once you start fertilizing your trees chemically, you also happen to need the more poisonous chemicals to prevent pests.

Treating your shrubs/ trees chemically will result in temporary positive results. That will need constant treatments to fight off disease issue. As to treating organically will have microbes fight your battle with the proper soil structure giving it the right nutrients.

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