Property Clean Ups

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Property Clean Up

Professional Property Cleanup

Property cleanup can be simple including pulling weeds and trimming bushes. Most customers are looking for leaf cleanups. Leaves and debris from the winter need to be cleaned up and to get you ready for the mowing season. If requested we can get rid of weeds in the gravel areas or in the joints of your patio.

We offer Spring clean ups for all our maintenance clients. This services happens in early spring in March. This clean up is to get their property in shape for the mowing season! In the Fall we will do multiple cleanups to cut back perennials, cleanup fallen leaves, and get the plants and property ready for winter. On average there is four visits required from October to December.

It is important to remove leaves and pine needles from your lawn in your property clean ups so they don’t decompose and damage the grass. During the cleanups, our professional property cleanup team will make sure that all the foliage is trimmed off the house gutters and siding. This helps prevent rodents or insects from making their way into your house and keeps algae from growing on your building.

To keep your lawn looking great, regular mowing maintenance and organic fertilization applications are essential. For a great looking, healthy lawn free of weeds and disease, let our lawn care specialists create a customized fertilization treatment option for your yard. We take soil test to accurately treat your lawn. We will only apply the right and necessary products to your lawn! Call and ask about a free soil test today!

Do you have a landscaping project in mind?

We work closely with local nurseries and suppliers. Ask about having native plants installed for your landscape.  Whether the job is big and requires excavators or you need your lawn replaced with good topsoil and sod. We look forward to serving you and giving you an amazing experience.

Please feel free to reach out today for your free on site consultation. We look forward to servicing you and creating a landscape you will enjoy!

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Servicing Scotch Plains NJ, Fanwood NJ, Westfield NJ, and Mountainside NJ.

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