Proper Lawn Care This Spring?

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Raking out thatch is great practice for lawn care!

Remove any Fall leaves and grass blades that were not taken care of in the Fall. Dethatching your lawn helps loosen up any matted grass. This will affect new growth this season and make lawn care this season difficult!

Dethatching removes this thick layer of decaying plant material so air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer can reach the soil better this will also help with any drainage issues you may have been having.


Have any thin spots? You need to overseed in late spring! We know that Fall is the best time for cool season grass but if you missed seeding last Fall you can apply seed six weeks after your pre emergent application in the Spring. 


How often should you aerate? This does depend on your soil. Heavy compacted soil needs to be aerated twice a year. 

Yes the best time to aerate is in the Fall. Spring aeration is discouraged because it will open opportunities for weed seeds to germinate instead of grass!

Pre emergent application 

Control crabgrass and broadleaf weed issues in early spring. 

Apply another round in mid spring and begin to spot treat when seeing any undesirable weeds.


Late spring fertilizer and early summer fertilizer is an optimal time to apply an organic fertilizer. If you have any questions about what to apply please contact JD Organic Landscape. 


In the North areas, spring rains typically provide sufficient moisture for awakening lawns. Avoid the temptation to water as a means of greening up grass. Let it green up naturally, and irrigate only if rains are scarce and grass shows signs of dehydration.


Your first cut of the year should be approximately April 15th. Look into mulching your grass instead of bagging. There are many benefits of mulching!

If any questions please contact the landscaper near you, JD Organic Landscape.

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