Toxic Pesticides & Harmful Chemical Fertilizers

Toxic Pesticides & Harmful Chemical Fertilizers

Toxic Pesticides & Harmful Chemical Fertilizers

Lawn care chemicals are extremely harmful. Exposure to chemicals has great health risk to you and your family! Have you ever checked the labels on synthetic fertilizer and toxic pesticides?

There is many ingredients that would make you scratch your head and wondering why they are in lawn fertilizer and weed killer.

The Simple fact of the matter they do not care. Big chemical companies do not care about your life! This is shocking news right?

Chemical companies want to make money and not be concerned of the poisons they are breathing in.

Advertising dollars are spent on giving the consumer false information. “chemical benefits”, the misconceptions is a successful green lawn must use chemicals. This is far from the truth and yet many Americans believe this!

Toxic Pesticides & Harmful Chemical Fertilizer exposure is dangerous to your health!

When is the last time you questioned a chemical company?

Chances are you are do not. Have you complained about the weeds when they appear in your lawn and think they need to be gone quickly.

Soil and the importance of the right nutrients. Fixing the soil and then asking how do we fix this issue for the longterm will eliminate your weed issue. The difference in organics is the ability to treat the soil naturally for nutrients it is lacking.

In organic lawn care practice we use natural product thats are safe for the environment and family. JD Organic Landscape does not see how the answer is a chemical solution. These chemical are modified in a lab, yet many americans blindly pick up a bag at there local supply store.

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