Lawn Care Starts With Your Soil?

Successful lawn care practice focuses on your soil!

Organic Fertilizing will add nutrients to your lawn. This is critical to achieving the lawn you want. However you want to understand your soil. Taking a soil test/ pH test will give you information on what nutrients in the soil you are already efficient in and what nutrients the soil may be lacking. Having this information is the blueprint to your lawn care success. Without doing this step and blindly treating the lawn with fertilize can do more harm then good!

The proper pH level is 6-7. When your soil is below we recommend adding lime to your lawn and when it is above the amount we want to add sulfur to the soil.

Here is some information on understanding the soil structure:

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Keeping your lawn healthy:

  • Gypsum can help to loosen soil without hurting its pH. It’s great for your lawn’s roots and can even add calcium to the soil.
  • Aerate compacted soil
  •  Top dress your lawn with compost. This is a great way to get nutrients into your soil and to improve its overall condition.
  • Water your lawn deeply and infrequent. Instead of a light watering water your lawn longer (40 minute watering sessions) and do this just twice a week. This allows water to go deeper into the soil.