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Soil Organic Matter – Lawn care

A healthy lawn starts with the soil structure. Organic lawn care is building a healthy soil allowing nutrients to enter the soil. Organic lawns are simple because it is feeding the soil microorganisms, and that feeds your lawn.

If you do not having living microorganisms in your soil then your soil is already dead.

Chemical treated lawn suffer this problem. The applications of chemical is so harmful that it destroys all microorganisms in the soil.

Soils with poor structure will be improved significantly with the additions of compost.

Organic lawn fertilizer will not treat the symptoms of the lawn. It will treat the soil and overtime your problems will go away.

Unlike chemical treatments that just look to treat the problem. This will result in more frequent applications.

Compost Topdressing?

Compost is used for altering soil structure. The methods and rates of application will depend on how the materials are used and the nutrient analysis of the compost.

Here are some helpful tips!
  • Organic matter increases the water retention of coarse soils (sandy) and aids in the downward movement of water through fine soils
  • Compost amended soils help resist compaction.
  • Organic matter adds several micronutrients not often supplied in inorganic fertilizers.
  • Organic matter encourages the growth and reproduction of macro organisms such as earthworms.
  • If you have slight pH problems, before correcting it, first add the needed organic matter. The organic matter may correct the soil problem.
  • Pesticides and other chemicals applied to the soil.

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