Fall Lawn Service, What Do You Need To Do

Fall Lawn Service


Fall lawn Service.

What is thatch? Thatch is made up of materials that collect in your lawn and creates a buffer for new grass growth. Thatch will keep your lawn thin and allow broadleaf weeds to pop up. If there’s more than one inch of thatch, it can be a barrier to water, nutrients and air from reaching the roots of grass. The best thing to to do for thatch is to dethatch your lawn. Your lawn will thank you!


Fall Lawn Service.

What is aeration and why should you have your lawn aerated? Air is essential for a healthy lawn right, just as dethatching allows air to get to the roots of grass aeration gets even more air to the roots. This will reduce soil compaction. How can you tell that you need to aerated? If you lawn looks to have thin grass or gets damaged easily with foot traffic it would be a great time to aerate. This service is best done in the Fall but can be done in mid spring early summer. Once you have aerated you have a great opportunity to put down some seed and organic fertilizer.

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Fall is the best and most important time to put down fertilize. Fertilizer now will allow your lawn to not get shocked going into winter. The roots will be get stronger and healthier allowing your lawn to be most prepare come Spring time.


Overseeding your lawn helps increase its density, and improves its overall health and appearance. The best time to overseed lawns in the north is typically late August to mid-September.


Fall is an excellent time for sodding small areas or your entire lawn. The temperatures are cooler so it won’t dry out as quickly as in warmer weather.

Weed Control

September and October are the best months to control perennial broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, creeping Charlie, and clover. Consider removing weeds by hand and make sure to remove the entire root.

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