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What makes the difference between lawn care service? JD Organic Landscape feels that service and quality is the difference. 100 % safe organic products, to the care we have for our customers.

We see that to be the best way to do business! We make sure that any problem you may have gets fixed right away.

What steps do you need to take this year to have success?

JD Organic Landscape, Landscaper In My Area!

We want you to have a successful lawn but you need to take the right steps at the right time. In lawn care everything depends on the time of year and what you are doing to take the next step.

Below I will bullet point in order the action steps you need to take. We find that having a plan before going out into your yard is the only chance to have the lawn you desire. Ultimately no matter how you treat your lawn watering your lawn at least one inch a week must occur to have success. We recommend installing a irrigation system to set your zones.

  • Spring Clean up
  • Thatch your yard
  • Organic Pre emergent
  • Second Round of Organic Pre emergent
  • 5-6 weeks organic fertilizer
  • 5-6 week organic fertilizer
  • 5-6 week aeration and over seeding
  • 5-6 weeks compost
  • 5-6 weeks Organic pre emergent
  • Fall Clean Up

Thatching your lawn will remove any dead allowing your lawn to start to grow. Thatch is a layer of debris that chokes out a lot of new growth that try’s to occur. Organic pre emergent needs to be applied before weed seeds germinate. Fertilizer will green up your lawn and stimulate growth.

Here is more additional information:

Here is more additional information:

Pass off Responsibility? Call your local reliable landscaper! JD Organic Landscape for any over your lawn care, landscaping and snow removal needs!

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