Late Fall Lawn Care, Get The Lawn You Want

Late Fall Lawn Care

Late fall lawn care:

You start to see a lot of debris/ leaves falling from  trees. The main job is to consistently be clearing the debris and leaves from your lawn. Any leaves left on your lawn for longer than a week can start to cause lawn disease problems. It results in disease by preventing sun and water from getting to the grass and roots.

Late Fall lawn care:

You may want to use mower, or a mulching mower, this will start to  break up the leaves and organic matter without damaging the grass below. This mulch is also a great way to put nutrients into the soil without introducing fertilizers, so take advantage of as much (or as little) of it as you want. Breaking down leaves will add organic nitrogen to your lawn!

What should you be thinking about in Fall?

  • Aerating your soil might will loosen up compacted soil. Allow your roots to grow deep instead of shallow.
  • Fill in bald spots in your lawn. Top dress your lawn with compost. Add organic matter to your lawn and over seed to push out weeds and thin spots. Over seeding will promote new growth come early Spring time.
  • Rake up all the leaves from your lawn and landscape beds. Prevent fungus issues and snow mold. Leaving the leaves on your lawn will bring fungus come early Spring.

Taking the right steps in your fall lawn care will make a huge difference next spring! Take the steps to set your spring lawn up for success!

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