Take Care Of Your Lawn

Take Care Of Your Lawn; Why Do You Not Have The Lawn You Want Right Now?

Proper lawn care maintenance; Having a great lawn has to start in your soil. The main difference between organic lawn care and a chemical program is that a chemical lawn treats the problem as a temporary fix. Organic lawn care treats the soil by adding nutrients where over time these problems will not show up.

Is Organic Law Care Expensive?

At first, When you hire a professional that is applying organics the first year will be more expensive then the following years. In a 3 year period your cost will drop significantly. Why is this? Once you start treating the soil for what it is lacking there is no need to keep adding nutrients once the soil is at an efficient place.

  • Weekly maintenance is crucial. Without maintaining your lawn and keep it a height of 3.5 inches cutting ⅓ per cut will open your lawn up to disease. lawn damaging insects, weeds, high temperatures.
  • Regular lawn care can prevent brown patch and dollar spot. This is critical to keep your lawn looking great.
  • Do people care of having a lush green maintained lawn? 71% of homebuyers think curb appeal is an important factor when choosing a home.
  • Lawns act as a air filter! It is crucial to your environment that you of your lawn.
Take Care Of Your Lawn

Here is a helpful link on organic fertilization : https://www.pennington.com/all-products/fertilizer/resources/what-is-organic-fertilizer

: https://jdorganiclandscape.com/2019/02/08/what-is-the-difference-between-fertilizer-from-organic-and-synthetic-sources/

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