Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

What and why do you need a retaining wall?

When thinking of why you may need a wall we have three main reason to add a retaining wall to your landscape. Structural support, Functional use of space, Aesthetic.

Structural Support

Retaining walls serve to keep soil in place. This prevents any landslides to occur protecting the wellbeing of you, and your property!

Functional Space to Yard

Adding retaining walls will add more functional space to your yard. You can plant and make your sloped area and add value to your property.


Retaining walls do add value to your property but are aesthetically pleasing. Adding a contrast to concrete, and pavers will flow beautifully to your landscape.

If you are interested in getting a free quote for retaining walls please contact JD Organic Landscape for a free quote. We stand by our work and will be happy to go over the different options you may have.

What options do I have? You can use a stone, concrete, or landscape timber to construct your retaining wall. Stone walls are beautiful and creating value to your property. You can also make a sitting wall depending on the height of your retaining wall!

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