Dog Urine In Your Lawn

  1. Remove the Urine. Dog urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen and salts. When there is too much urine in the root zone it dehydrates and eventually kills the grass. This is very similar to the “fertilizer burn” that occurs when you over-apply a lawn fertilizer. The way to resolve a fertilizer or dog urine burn, if the grass is not completely dead before you get to it, is to quickly disperse and filter out the excessive nitrogen and salts. Spotless Lawn uses a food grade soil penetrant combined with a bio-active carbon (coal) to quickly end the urine toxicity.
  2. Repair the Grass. If you can begin spraying Spotless Lawn before the dog spots are completely dead then you have a chance for the grass to recover. This formula contains numerous trace elements as well as plant hormones (from seaweed) that will help promote rooting and new growth in the yellow grass. And if the grass is already completely dead, Spotless Lawn will help it decompose quickly and stimulate the surrounding grass to fill in quicker. We should note that this filling-in aspect does depend on the type of grass you have in your lawn.
  3. Protect the Lawn From Further Damage. When you apply Spotless Lawn per directions you will create a healthier, deeper-rooted lawn in an extremely bioactive soil. Numerous beneficial soil microbes will help break down excess nitrogen and convert it into valuable humus. The bio-active carbon will continue to filter and remove toxins and will also buffer acid or alkaline pH problems. The trace elements and plant hormones contained in the product will lead to deeper rooted, healthier, and more stress-resistant grass.

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