Compost Tea, Why Should You Use It

Compost Tea

Compost Tea

What Is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is a liquid and produced by leaching soluble nutrients and extracting bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes from compost. The compost tea process can be likened to brewing beer and wine.

This will help your plants becomes as easy as flipping a light switch. If you want to inoculate a highly beneficial group of bacteria and fungi, protozoa and possibly nematodes, you can buy or make a making a high quality landscape that has these organisms present and make Actively Aerated Compost Tea. “Compost tea” is a soil inoculum that helps to ensure that the needs of plants are met throughout their productive life.


Compost Tea

Improved plant growth as a result of protecting plant surfaces with beneficial organisms which occupy infection sites and also prevent disease-causing organisms from attacking the plant.

Improved plant growth through improving nutrient retention within the soil and subsequent reduction in the need for fertilizer. Beneficial soil biology communites substantially reduce the loss of nutrients from the plant root zones into groundwater.

Improved plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability in the root system.  Predator-prey interactions increase plant available nutrients in exactly the right place, time and amounts that the plant needs.

Reduce the negative impacts of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on beneficial microorganisms in the ecosystem.

Improves plant nutrient by increasing foliar uptake. The beneficial micro-organisms increase the time that plant stomates stay open, while reducing evaporative loss from the leaf surface in adverse conditions.

Reduces water loss, improves water-holding in the soil, and thus reduce water use in your system.

Reduces tillage by building better soil structure. Only the biology builds soil structure, and ALL the groups in the foodweb are required to be present. You can’t have just bacteria present in soils, you must have the fungi, protozoa, nematodes and microarthropods as well!.

Please be aware that plate count methods don’t tell you about the whole foodweb.

Here is some more additional information :

Here is some additional information:

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