Lawn Treatment: Get The Lawn You Want

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

How should I treat my lawn?  Aeration, fertilizer, pre emergent weed control, and more. Make sure that the treatments are organic! and healthy to your children, pets and community. Anything you use on your lawn will be taken into the plant, the soil and flow into your waterways.

Lawns need to be aerated. Aeration reduces soil compaction, which improves the circulation and absorption of water, air, and nutrients.

Another important treatment is feeding your lawn. Everything needs to eat. Fertilizing your lawn with organic fertilizer created especially for lawns will keep your grass happy and allow it to grow thick. A good lawn fertilizer will feed the soil, help reduce thatch, develop deep root systems, and add important nutrients to your lawn.

Before starting a fertilization program you need to take a soil test. The soil test will allow you to understand what your soil is lacking. Treat to the soil test and get the lawn you desire!

Set your goals before starting a program and plan on how you are going to get there following a series of steps.

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