Landscaper For Winter Services


We are quickly heading into cold temperatures!

We have been doing Final fall clean ups now and want to prepare for the cold months to come!

What can you be doing on your property now to protect your lawn & landscaping this winter?

Here are some services that should of been done this Fall & Late Fall 

  • Tree and shrub trimming
  • Dead plant removal 
  • Aerating the lawn
  • Fertilizing the lawn
  • Fall Clean up 
  • Draining sprinklers 
  • Removing lawn and patio furniture
  • Drainage concerns

If you were thinking about hiring a landscaper near you, you will want to schedule for multiple clean ups to ensure your property will not undergo any lawn disease issues come winter. 

Fall cleanups are tiresome and will depend on a great team do get these done  in a timely manner!

What can be done now?

At this time of the year we understand that your property may have been exposed to the elements can get quite dirty during the summer and Fall.

Patios, Decks, Fences, and the sides of your house. These areas must be cleaned before winter arrives and freezes everything! You can accomplish this by having a professional landscape contractor pressure wash these areas.


Yes mulch at this time of year has its purpose. You will want to protect your investment and keep your plants warm pre winter!

This time of the year it is easy to shut down enjoy the holiday but don’t miss out getting the essential done before we have the first snow storm of the year!

Call a landscaper near you! JD Organic landscaping is the lawn care professional near you!

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