Organic Lawn Care Is Safe!

JD Organic Landscape specializes in Organic lawn care. We use chemical free lawn care practices that are friendly and pet friendly! We use organic products that allow us to control weeds in a lawn without using dangerous lawn chemicals. 

We service Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Westfield and surrounding areas. 

We use 100% organic weed killers and natural lawn care services without using any dangerous chemicals! JD Organic is proud to provide cat, dog, pet, people, baby, child and environmentally friendly lawn care services. 

We want to feed the soil and by doing so the soil will take care of the plants. Chemical lawn care companies will feed the grass by applying frequent applications of fast release nitrogen-based fertilizers. Soil will be killed by the salt chemical fertilizer and pesticides on the lawn will be completely dependent on more chemicals in order to stay healthy.

It is important to apply the correct products to your lawn! It is also important to have proper irrigation!

The ideal time to water a lawn is early in the morning before the sun comes up. It is best to have the sprinkler system programmed so the last zone finishes no later than 6:00 AM. If this is not feasible then the next best time to water the lawn is late evening. If the lawn is being watered deeply and infrequently then evening watering will not cause lawn fungus problems.

The most common lawn watering mistake the most homeowners make is they over water the lawn. It is much more damaging to over water a lawn versus under water a lawn. Over watering a lawn causes the soil to become anaerobic or absent of oxygen. Water replaces air in the soil and anaerobic soils become compacted, prevent deep digging grass roots, and will kill beneficial microorganisms.

Organic Lawn Care

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