Organic Lawn Care / Treat Your Soil

Organic lawn care has to do with enriching the soil. Nutrients enter the soil as organic matter is broken down by soil microorganisms. In feeding the soil, you feed the soil microorganisms, which in turn, feeds the plants.

Healthy soil is home to billions of microorganisms that feed on organic matter in the soil. Organic matter could be leaves, grass clippings, manure, buried wood, shed grass roots, or almost any biodegradable material that enters the soil. They release nutrients in a form that plants can take up through the roots. Nitrogen is one of the elements released and the element consumed by grasses in the greatest amount. For this reason, lawn fertility programs, whether they are organic or inorganic, are based on the nitrogen needs of the grass.

A soil test will determine the amount of organic matter that is currently in your soil. A supply of fresh organic matter in the form of organic lawn fertilizer will keep microbe populations high and healthy.

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