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Have you ever wondered to what is the actual difference is between fertilizer products?

What makes one fertilizer harmful and what makes one safe for your family?

What are your fears when it comes to a fertilization & weed control company?

Have you asked the right questions on what a chemical company is applying. JD Organic wants to make you understand the dangerous/ risks of applying chemicals to your lawn. When you apply synthetic products to your lawn it can have a negative impact to your family’s health and well being. With that being said you as a consumer need to understand what is actually being applied.

JD Organic Landscaping is an organic landscaper near you! We aim to produce the highest quality results with the best and most safe organic products on the market!

We beleive in that every lawn needs to be treated differently. We do this by soil testing prior to applications be applied on your lawn.

The most important thing to understand is that synthetic fertilizers are not safe. When you break down what is in them you will want to stay away.

Expectations in an organic lawn care program? What should your expectations be. As an organic landscaper we need you as the client understand that what we are doing is not a overnight fix. We treat your soil and correct the deficiencies and in time will give you a healthy, safe organic lawn.

Call JD ORGANIC LANDSCAPE. We are an Organic Landscaper Near You!

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