Fall Lawn Care

                      LAWN CARE

Lawn care is essential in keeping a beautiful home.  The most critical aspect is the acceptance that there is no blanket care method or modus operandi for the care and preservation of the lawn.  In other words, the care method employed during summer is impracticable during winter. Lawn care is transforming or reorganizing outdoor- it is called landscaping.  

  For this article, we shall expound fall lawn care methods. This fall lawn care instruction will help you avoid these novice mistakes, and instead, distill the most critical practices for lawn care during fall.  

Here are tips and strategies to follow:

                                                         Dethatching in the fall

Fall is an important season for lawn care. It is the period you prepare your lawn for colder temperatures. For improved grass growth, first line of action is to remove thatch, —the removal of accumulated dead turf grass over your lawn. Though it is necessary you dethatch in every season, fall however,  produces the most thatch. Dethatching prevents your lawn from suffocating. It also allows for aeration.

To detach, you need a vertical mowers and power rakes. For bigger and wider lawns, a  vertical mower is the better tool to use because it is easy to use. A tip to keep close to heart with regards the vertical mower is to fix the blades high before your first run, so you do not damage your turf grass. For smaller lawns, power rake is the best option. You get more hand control when you get rid of thatch from your lawn.