Fall Clean Up

Fall Leaf Removal Keeps the Leaves Out of Waterways

Leaves can get into the drainage systems where they enter the local waterways. This can cause a dramatic increases in nitrogen and phosphorus. This encourages the growth of algae, which robs the water of oxygen and this will cause existing water plants and aquatic animals to die.

Some Fallen Leaves Are Bad for Trees

Fallen leaves from diseased trees can contaminate other trees if they’re left on the ground to rot over the winter. Although the diseases usually go dormant when the weather turns cold, they spring back to life once the temperatures start climbing again.

Insects Love Wet Leaves

This can lead to higher populations of fleas, mosquitos, and other insects come spring.

Wet Leaves Pose Risks for People and Autos

Leaves that are blown onto the road or on walkways can turn slippery after a rain. The more the leaves degrade, the slipperier they become. With this increased level of slipperiness also comes a higher risk of someone slipping while walking, or a car losing traction. By keeping your lawn clean of fallen leaves, you’ll keep the leaves from blowing around, making your walkways and driveways safer as a result.

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