Compost Your Lawn After Aerating

Compost is best applied to lawns in the fall after core aeration, when a aerator pulls up plugs of soil. Aerating loosens compacted soil, creates more room for oxygen to penetrate the soil, helps thatch decompose and stimulates turf grass root growth.

Compost is a mixture of organic matter that has broken down during time.

Here are some benefits of adding compost:

  • Releases nutrients slowly, having a longer effect on the health of your lawn
  • Helps neutralize acid and alkaline soils
  • Contains macro and micronutrients
  • Reduces erosion and runoff issues
  • Can reduce the amount of chemicals needed on turf

Topdressing dramatically improves the nutrient and organic levels of the soil, while also increasing the success rate of germination of the seed. We spread ½ inch of compost over the targeted areas in your lawn which will lead to a higher germination rate when you overseed.

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