How To Get Healthy Safe Organic Lawn

Fertilizer is vital to create a healthy thick lawn. However there are many different kinds. Choosing the right lawn fertilizer will begin with the nutrients that are already in your soil. You need to take a soil test to determine what you are lacking so you can treat your lawn the correct way.

The most common fertilizer Macro nutrients are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) and represent the most commonly used ingredients in lawn fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers  “Certified Organic” means the lawn fertilizer is “all natural” and contains no synthetic materials. These products fertilize the grass slowly as the soil microorganisms break down the organic matter into elements the grass roots can take up. Organic lawn fertilizer is safe and, because of the way it works, makes it difficult to over fertilize. (Extremely difficult to burn your lawn!) Organic fertilizers range from sewage based materials such as Milorganite, animal by products, and plant products, such as corn gluten meal. (Good to use as an organic pre-emergent)

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