What should you be doing for your lawn?

Have you taken a soil test?

Soil testing will allow us to see how we should properly be treating your lawn with an organic lawn program. Organic lawn care is safe for the environment, kids and pets.

Synthetic fertilizer are extremely harmful and dangerous to humans/pets. Why would you treat your lawn with products that have be proven to cause cancer and illness?

Core Aeration

Provide your lawn with core aeration. Compacted soil is not allowing proper water intake and oxygen. This will lead to a shallow root system and disease issues. When Core aeration is performed on your lawn it will promote a deeper root system and a healthier lawn!

Overseed Your Lawn

Overseeding is crucial after aeration. Even if you do not aerate your lawn you must overseed. Thin spots and bare spots in your lawn are going to be taken over by broadleaf weeds and CRABGRASS. Overseeding will promote a thicker fuller lawn pushing out weed growth.

Fall Clean Up

Instead of waiting for all the leaves to fall, start cleaning up at the end of September on a two week schedule until the end of November. Leaving leaves on your lawn will cause disease and fungus problems.

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