Aerate THIS Fall!

September is considered the most important month for care of our cool season lawns! These grasses thrive in the cool of the spring and fall, and stress or even go into dormancy in the dog days of summer. The arrival of September with the milder conditions helps revive the summer stressed turf. It naturally wants to grow and thrive. This is why it is important we give the grass what it needs to fully recover from the stress of summer. Time For Core Aeration! Core aeration is the best way to help reduce soil compaction. It is the compaction of our heavy clay soils that halt deep root development and the movement of water and nutrients into the soil. This lack of strong, vigorous roots is what often time leads to a thin lawn which cannot stand up to the heat and drought of summer. Aeration is also the best way to keep that nasty thatch layer from developing which also effects rooting.