Spring Clean Up!

Trees and Shrubs

  • Remove tree wrap and remove tree stakes that were put in place last season.
  • Be careful pruning trees and shrubs in the spring.  They are budding out and are susceptible to more stress and damage at this time.
  • Check soil moisture, and give trees and shrubs extra water if needed. 

Perennials and Ornamental Grasses

  • Cut back perennials and grasses so that they will regenerate bigger and better than before.  For perennials, cut them back to about 2″ above the ground.   For woody perennials,such as Russian Sage, some of the old growth will often begin to leaf out and you can leave more of the existing plant to re-grow.Woody perennials like Russian Sage may not completely die back


  • Thatch the lawn in the areas that have a lot of dead grass. Clean up any leftover sticks, pine needles, etc. 
  • Aerating your lawn.  Aeration allows greater movement of water, fertilizer, and air which stimulates healthy turf.  Aerating also increases the speed of decomposition of the grass clippings and enhances deep root growth.  Compacted soil especially benefits from core aerating.  Be sure to mark the locations of sprinkler heads with flags prior to aerating so that they will not get damaged.
  • Organic fertilizer to your lawn in the spring to give it a boost.

Spring Weather Considerations

  • Watch for those freak spring snowstorms!  Trees and shrubs that are flowering and/or leafing out will catch the heavy wet spring snow on their branches, often causing serious damage due to limbs breaking off.

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