Top FIVE Weeds That Can Be In Your Lawn and Landscape!

1) Crabgrass:
Crabgrass is an annual weed that thrives on warm weather. It will appear in early spring and is one of the most common weeds that could create lawn problems.

2) Pigweed:
This annual is a weed that spreads through its seeds.

3) Chickweed:
There are two species in this common weed. The annual common chickweed and the perennial mouse ear chickweed are the two. Both these have roots that won’t go deep. Therefore, if you see these weeds in lawn pull them with hand in order to get rid of them.

4) Morning Glory:
A common annual weed that spreads through its seeds. Its roots go deep and not easy to pull them.

5) Quack Grass:
This easy to identify weed has to be dug out with their rhizomes in order to eradicate them.

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