Importance Of Soil and Water

Water is essential for plant life. Water plays a very important role in soil and plant growth relationship. There are following functions of water and important for plant growth and crop production.

Plant NutrientsWater serves as the solvent and carrier of food
nutrients for the  growth of plants. Water itself acts as a nutrient also.
The process of weathering and soil formation
depend on the water.
Tillage OperationGood tilth can be secured at right stage of moisture content.
Water helps the good structural formation.
Physical Chemical
and Biological 
The soil water is grate regulator of physical,
chemical and biological activities in the soil.
The microorganism inhabiting the soil also require water for their metabolic activities.
PhotosynthesisWater is essential for the process of photosynthesis.
Plant TurgidityWater also maintains the turgidity of plant.
Seed Germination and Plant 
Often an excess are deficit of water in the soil is a
limiting factor in seed germination and plant growth
Adverse EffectWater protects plant from adverse condition like
drought, frost etc.